98 thoughts on “Big Sean, Kanye West, Trayvon Martin and Hoodies!

  1. Johnia Hudgins

    I enjoyed the tie in between the two artist and Trayvon Martin. I think Big Sean is very successful and is handling this life positively.

  2. Raja-Nee Irvin

    Very, Very good anology it is perfect example of stereotyping and putting two and two together. loved it.

  3. Sydney Bowden

    I admire how the artist spoke about their lives and tied in the Trayvon Martin situation with it. Big Sean is a up in coming artist and I do hope that in the near future he becomes very successful with his career.

  4. Desiree

    I think this pulse beat is very influential, especially to people in Detroit and in the Black community. It affects not only Cass Tech students but kids in general that are in DPS. This video lets children know that it is ok to pursue their dreams and it’s ok to excel in life no matter what your dream is.

  5. Lawrielle West

    This pulse beat was very interesting and informative. People who live in Detroit and Black communities would be a t a great advantage to watch this. This video encourages students to follow and pursue their dreams and aspirations. A dream can be reached no matter how big it is and no matter your background.

  6. Tyrone Simmons, Jr.

    Great video as always. Big Sean is my favorite Cass Tech rapper so I was mildly interested in the video at first but now I think it is one of the best on the site. I feel it should have been longer though, considering it’s content.

  7. Diamond James

    Great video and very influential for anyone! The tie ones were right on the ball. Great, informative video.

  8. Christina

    This website is definitely very influential. You touch on very sensitive subjects a lot of people are afraid to speak on. We need more websites reviewing popular topics such as these current events. Excellent tie ins.

  9. Keoni

    I think this pulse beat is very influential, especially to people in Detroit and in the Black community. I admire how the artist spoke about their lives and tied in the Trayvon Martin situation with it. I really love this site and video

  10. Jade Williams

    Wonderful video, very inspiring and admiring. Video was well organized and fun to watch.

  11. Justin Lee Wright

    Good, video. I think that people really need to see and understand these psychological issues. It was nice to hear the artist talk about Trayvon Martin and their insight on that. Interesting how Big Sean & Kanye West compare to Trayvon Martin. This can show how people should go after what they want.

  12. Victoria Young

    Very great video, I’m glad to say that Big Sean is a Cass Alumni. He is someone who should be honored.

  13. Troia Gulley

    I loved the video. It was by far my favorite one. I loved the tie in between Big Sean and Travon Martin. I feel that Big Sean is a wonderful upcoming artist and he is a great leader. Continue to keep making wonderful videos.

  14. Carley Hough

    Big Sean is an inspirational lyricist, I find him to be very inspiring. The Funny thing about this review is that big Sean always brings up the quote about his former instructor, and being a current Cass student I’ve always wanted to know which instructor told him that and exactly how they currently feel. Mr. Dunmore was definitely correct stating that we as people tend to judge a book by its cover; my only add-in is that its young African American man like Big Sean who is one of the people who I believe will change the typical cover of a black man’s book

  15. Sarah Washington

    This is one of the best videos put on this website. Not only is it very informative but it speaks to the younger generation about someone that we Idol and or look up too. It shows the realsiic views of dreams and acomplishing them

  16. Aaron Sumner

    This was a great video it with the discussion of big sean and his achievements and the way you explained how kids dress these and shouldnt be judged by hoodies. Good Job!

  17. Amber Collins

    This was one of the more interesting videos that i have watched. Like the others it could have been a little bit longer because I was so into the video. I really liked the video and it was very influential.

  18. Terry Patton

    Very informing and interesting video. People from Black communities can make it in life because it doesn’t matter where your from but what matters is where you go.

  19. Genah Gardner

    This video was very informative and highly influential.We(as a country)need to start being realistic and stop judging people off the things they wear but off their actions.

  20. Paris Hogan

    The article definitely touched on some major points involving how people are viewed in the world today. Assumptions and the people who make them are pretty much everybody, but living everyday based on your assumptions can be dangerous. This is something we have all seen clearly in the case of Trayvon Martin.

  21. Tiffani Betts- 3rd Hour

    I find this video very interesting and intriguing. To know that Big Sean is not only a successful rapper but he also has values and morals.

  22. Rondall Murray

    This was a great video. I enjoyed the video, and the tie in between Big Sean and Kanye West with Trayvon Martin was good.

  23. Jasmine Giles

    The video was really good. For Big Sean to be a Cass Tech alumni, is just wonderdful.

  24. Deja Henderson

    I really like this video it tells a lot of good facts that you should not jugde someone by the way they look. Many people judge me but dont get to know me thats why they will really never know who I really am the is a very nice video keep up the good work Mr.Dunmor

  25. Larry Johnson

    This was one of the more interesting videos that i have watched. Like the others it could have been a little bit longer because I was so into the video. I really liked the video and it was very influential.

  26. Barbara Stewart

    I thought it was amazing to know that Big Sean graduated from Cass with an overall 3.8. It showed me that no matter what people say, at the end of day it’s all up to the how that person feels about them self

  27. Carmen Griffin

    I love how you use Big Sean as an example of how great someone can really be. You mention that he is from Detroit and it makes me proud to see someone of great achievement come from the streets of my hometown. Awesome video!

  28. Tyniece Heron

    i really enjoyed this video, it helps give a better insight of the lives of those who have made a change in society, Big Sean with his talent, Trayvon Martin’s death helping to open the eyes of others and it shows that racism is still booming today, it makes life so much more understandable.

  29. Tiara Jones

    It is good to know that Big Sean graduated from my school with a 3.8. I can understand the hard work that he put in to achieve such grades… and I applaud the fact that he followed his dream rather than what others expected of him. Shouts to Big Sean(=.

  30. Chris Jones

    Great video, I feel kind of proud to attend the same school as Big Sean, the video could have been cooler if it was shot in HD, but still great video

  31. India O.

    Big Sean is breaking stereotypes. He is also a great inspiration of to live your dreams but still do well with your academics.

  32. Kearta Dailey

    The story of Big Sean is very interesting. It is fascinating that he’s from Detroit, Michigan, went to Cass Technical High School and has had a 3.8 overall G.P.A.

  33. Jade Williams

    Great Video. I really enjoyed it and the tie ins with Trayvon Martin and Big Sean. Big Sean is a great artist and inspiring person. Continue making videos like this because it was very interesting.

  34. jazmyn Mathews

    This video was very informing. It shows that there are those few great black men in the world.

  35. Ciara Page

    I was once again very impressed by the topic of Big Sean. It is very much true that it is in our human nature to define a person by how they look and to be sterotypical. You would never think that a rapper would have such a smart and intelligient background. That just makes you think twice about a person and their background. Assumptions could get you to think different about the person. The topic was very broad and true.

  36. Diamond Carter

    This was a great video! I like the fact that Big Sean is a great person and how he was also a great student.

  37. Sydney Smith

    Big Sean’s pride for both his city and his culture is amazing.
    I have never seen someone come out of a “hood” like him and make it such an inspiring and positive thing.
    In all of his songs he always represents where he has come from and he does that well.
    I am proud to say that he is a Cass Technical High School alumni.

  38. Reggie Ferrell

    Very nice video. This video was very informative and helped uplift the afrian american culture. This video teaches not to judge a book by it’s cover because everyone is capable of accomplishing many great things.

  39. Kristopher Alexander

    This video is very inspirational and informative. Big Sean is personally one of my favorite rap artist. Also, the tie in with Trayvon Martin was very good.

  40. aaron Wagner

    i agree… when Mr.Dunmore said we all judge a book by its cover. Big Sean is one of the people that makes you think and look twice about that.

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