Only The Strong Survive!

Inside Detroit’s Mildred Gaddis, radio discussion with Greg Dunmore of and
Hot Topics: Jerry Butler, Magic and Bird
Pulsebeat Concert Series and other hot haps.

80 thoughts on “Only The Strong Survive!

  1. Carley Hough

    the excerpt on Rhythm and blues, heard a lot of facts I didn’t know. Who would’ve known it was called ‘Race Music’ before being call rhythm and blues. I’m very interested in going to see the great Jerry Butler. Dunmore’s quote ‘you don’t get old unless your good’ very true. I thought the review on the drug addictions was touching; I think the truth was definitely told about Whitney. I can’t wait to see the butler!! Magic Bird sounds like a very good play, I find it exciting!

  2. Victoria Young

    I enjoyed this video, its very interesting, i learned a lot of facts I did not know.

  3. LaJuan Walker

    It is great to see how African Americans have influence music in the world. Also music truly has had a big impact on society.

  4. Sydney Smith

    This was a great topic! It really went into detail about African American music! Thank you once again for another great episode!

  5. Justin Lee Wright

    This video was amazing. How Detroit created such great artists is beyond me seeing where we are now. Rhythm & Blues is the music that has influenced many and has made others have a different perspective on diiferent things in their life. Nice.

  6. India O.

    I really like this video; you can always here about the really popular R&B artist or about the most recent stars, it good to hear more about others.

  7. Diamond James

    This video was wonderful and enlightening! I love the music that was played. I appreciated the fact that African Americans have a great deal and influence on music period. It is a joy that we can hear that music and understand that it is from blacks! Gary Butler is a very great person! You guys said some very interesting things that helped me view things in a different light!

  8. Mi'Isha Cunigan

    Once again, another great and very informative segment on musical influences. Well done!

  9. Danielle Atkins

    Another great video! I had never heard of Jerry Butler before this video but I am interested now.

  10. Ciara Page

    Outstanding again! The video pulls out a different perspective from behind the music and Rythms and Blues background. The struggle is something you cant hide from. Dealing with hard times and over coming things take a lot. That is why “only the strong survives”. A lot of strong points were conversed about and hit on a mark! Good opinions from both sides, looking at people situations from different view points. The video was indeed interesting and gave so much more meaning to music and its history. Great Job!

  11. Dominic Jackson

    Ok in every video there is something I already knew, and then something I learned. Honestly I didn’t know who Jerry Butler was, but i had heard his music before and thought he was a great artist. Side note do you realize that there is always a good group then one leaves and goes solo.

  12. Sydney Bowden

    Outstanding video once again. The exert about Rhythm and Blues really brings attention to the message behind the music. In life there are many struggles that we go through and we have to just take it one day at a time. Life is a revolving door situations come at you and its what you do to make sure those situations are not presented back to you. Only the strong survive, and once again this was a very entertaining video that brought up great points.

  13. Desiree Nelson

    I think this video was very great. It made some really good points and was very influential.

  14. Troia Gulley

    This was a very interesting video as usual. Anything that has to do with African Americans and how they developed is interesting to me. It had some great things I never knew. YOu always learn about new great artist because they’re are so many.

  15. Christina

    Detroit is known for birthing so many amazing musical geniuses. Thankfully we have people like you to shine the light on artist we may not be familiar with, and enlighten us on different styles of music. Great Video!

  16. Amber Collins

    Nice video. The music from before I was born or even able to walk was some of the best music. I really enjoyed the video.

  17. Chriissiie Perine

    Mr. Dunmore hasn’t said one false thing ! Everything you said made absolute sense and was completely reasonable ! You taught me so many things i didn’t know ! =]

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