Among the many reasons “Black is Beautiful”??? Nancy Wilson, Rosa Parks, Lena Horne & Mary Wilson !!!

Listen to Greg Dunmore’s Hot Happenings!!!  (as televised on Comcast Detroit  Channel 10 WTD-10 & taped live in the studio of Radio One’s “Inside Detroit with Mildred Gaddis” WCHB 1200am & 99.9fm) ) as he discusses a bevy of bold, beautiful, black, bright and blessed beauties. The ladies he talks about define why indeed, Black is Beautiful!!!

Jimi Hendrix: Turning back the pages of time

Turning back the pages of time, WCHB’s Mildred Gaddis, and’s Greg Dunmore talk about rock royalty’s King of the Guitar Jimi Hendrix. And, is there really going to be a movie about his life??? Listen to this hot happening and find out what they say is the real deal!